Smoke Across Sea of Okhotsk

Smoke Across Sea of Okhotsk
  • Credit:

    Image courtesy the SeaWiFS Project, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, and ORBIMAGE

On July 2, 2003, the Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-View Sensor (SeaWiFS) collected this image of the Sea of Okhotsk, east of Russia. Patchy phytoplankton blooms fill the surface waters, coloring them green. Turbid, brownish water flows from the Amur River into Tartar Strait, between mainland Russia and Sakhalin Island (left of image center). Smoke from regional fires drifts across the sky.

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  • Data Date:

    July 2, 2003
  • Visualization Date:

    July 4, 2003
  • Sensor(s):

    OrbView-2 - SeaWiFS


NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration