Washington, D.C. from Landsat 7

Washington, D.C. from Landsat 7
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    Image courtesy EROS Data Center

This engineering test image of the nation's capital shows off the 15-meter resolution pan-chromatic band of the Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+). This band uses all the light in the visible spectrum to produce images similar to black-and-white photographs.

Details such as the Washington Monument, Capital Building, NASA Headquarters, and Air and Space Museum are clearly visible.

This image was provided by the EROS Data Center Landsat 7 Data Handling Facility Image Assessment System (IAS). Landsat 7 digital data are not yet available to the general public. Browse, Level 0R and Level 1 data will be made available for retail sale this summer via the EROS Data Center following completion of orbit raising and instrument checkout and calibration.

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