Rainfall from Typhoon Fengshen

Rainfall from Typhoon Fengshen
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    NASA image created by Jesse Allen using data provided courtesy of the TRMM MPA team. Caption by Rebecca Lindsey.

Typhoon Fengshen proved to be deadly in the Philippines. Among the major disasters was the capsizing of a ferry with 800 people on board. According to a report from the Associated Press, only 57 survivors had been found as of June 23. The storm formed on June 19 in the Western Pacific and moved northwest across the Philippines over the next week, fluctuating between Category 1 and 2 intensity.

This image shows rainfall totals associated with Typhoon Fengshen between June 16-25, 2008. Dark blues show rainfall totals around 400 millimeters (about 15.7 inches). Storm intensity is indicated by colored lines. As the typhoon passed over the central Philippines, it reached Category 2 intensity, dumping heavy rain and causing flooding and landslides. Similarly heavy rains fell on the southeast coast of China as the storm made landfall.

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  • Data Date:

    June 16 - 25, 2008
  • Visualization Date:

    June 28, 2008
  • Sensor(s):

    TRMM - MPA
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration