Typhoon Damrey (28W) over Indochina

Typhoon Damrey (28W) over Indochina

Typhoon Damrey (28W) over Indochina
region: As
Vietnam Cambodia Laos Thailand
sat: SNPP
projection: Plate Carree
projection center lon: +106.2000
projection center lat: +12.5000
image center lon: +106.2
image center lat: +12.5
standard parallel: +15.0000
UL lon: +97.8101
UL lat: +23.0743
UR lon: +114.5969
UR lat: +23.0743
LR lon: +114.5969
LR lat: +1.9223
LL lon: +97.8101
LL lat: +1.9223
UL easting (km): -901.1250
UL northing (km): +2565.7500
x scale factor: +0.9659258262890683
ellipsoid: WGS84
Contact: Jeff Schmaltz
L2 granules: N173080624 N173080630

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  • Data Date:

    November 4, 2017
  • Visualization Date:

    November 4, 2017
  • Sensor(s):

    Suomi NPP - VIIRS
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration