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Terra Data over North America - related mov preview placeholder

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Terra Data over North America

This montage of Terra images from all five onboard instruments begins with a true color image of the globe and then zooms in to North America. The scene fades through a series of false color images showing (1) the spring "green wave" on land and sea surface temperature, both measured by MODIS; (2) carbon monoxide concentrations measured by MOPITT (red and yellow are high values, blue shades are low); (3) reflected sunlight (albedo) measured by CERES (white and grey indicate high albedo, while greens and blues show low values); and (4) emitted heat energy measured by CERES (yellow and red show where more heat is emitted, while blue shades show less heat).

To demonstrate Terra's ability to zoom in, higher-resolution imagery is shown over the San Francisco and Pyramid Lake regions, first using MODIS' 250-m resolution, then ASTER's 15-m resolution. The animation concludes with a MISR flyover from Baja toward the Grand Canyon at 275 m resolution.

Scientific Visualization Studio, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,

Published April 18, 2000
Data acquired April 18, 2000

Atmosphere > Air Quality > Carbon Monoxide
Atmosphere > Atmospheric Chemistry > Carbon Monoxide
Oceans > Ocean Temperature > Sea Surface Temperature