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Apataki Atoll - related image preview

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Apataki Atoll - related image preview


Apataki Atoll

This astronaut photograph depicts Apataki Atoll, an atoll in the Tuamotu Islands in the south Pacific. Atolls are ring-like coral islands that nearly or entirely enclose a lagoon. The atoll traces the perimeter of what was once the coastline of a volcanic island. In 1722, Dutch navigator Jakob Roggeveen became the first European to see the Apataki Atoll. It was later visited by Captain Cook in 1774.

Image ISS012.ESC2.039214802 is an image acquired from the EarthKAM payload onboard the International Space Station (ISS). The image was acquired on February 8, 2006, using a Kodak DCS 760 camera equipped with a 180 mm lens. Image annotation and information was provided by Westbrook Intermediate School students in the Clear Creek Independent School District, Texas. EarthKAM (Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students) is an education payload that allows middle school students to plan for and target imagery taken by a remotely-controlled camera aboard the ISS. The most recent EarthKAM mission lasted from February 7-10, and allowed nearly 9,000 students from around the world to collect imagery.

Published March 6, 2006
Data acquired February 8, 2006

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