Snow in Italy and Sicily - related image preview

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Snow in Italy and Sicily - related image preview

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Snow in Italy and Sicily - related image preview

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Snow in Italy and Sicily

This pair of true- and false-color images feature snow in Italy and the surrounding countries and was acquired on February 7, 2003, by the Terra MODIS instrument. In the false-color image, black represents liquid water, turquoise blue represents snow, white represents clouds, and green and brown represent snow- and ice-free land surfaces. This false-color image makes clouds and snow easily distinguishable, since in the true-color image, they are quite difficult to tell apart when the clouds are over snowy areas. However, the true-color image, gives details about water bodies that are missed in the false-color image, such as the presence of bluish-green clouds that indicate silt from river drainage and possibly the presence of microscopic marine life. It also marks the locations of fires (in red), such as the continuing eruption of Stromboli Volcano to the west of the toe of the Italian boot.

Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC

Published February 12, 2003
Data acquired February 7 - 7, 2003

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