Sunrise over the Philippine Sea - related image preview

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Sunrise over the Philippine Sea - related image preview

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Sunrise over the Philippine Sea

Astronauts see sixteen sunrises every 24 hours.

Astronaut photograph ISS052-E-20541 was acquired on July 26, 2017, with a Nikon D4 digital camera using a 500 millimeter lens, and is provided by the ISS Crew Earth Observations Facility and the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, Johnson Space Center. The image was taken by a member of the Expedition 52 crew. The image has been cropped and enhanced to improve contrast, and lens artifacts have been removed. The International Space Station Program supports the laboratory as part of the ISS National Lab to help astronauts take pictures of Earth that will be of the greatest value to scientists and the public, and to make those images freely available on the Internet. Additional images taken by astronauts and cosmonauts can be viewed at the NASA/JSC Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. Caption by Justin Wilkinson, Texas State University, JETS Contract at NASA-JSC.

Published November 3, 2017
Data acquired July 26, 2017

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